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To impart quality education to become dominant player in Hospitality Industry


Prepare Globally sound Hospitality Professionals meant for employments & create opportunities for Society


We believe in leadership, learning & teaching, sincerity, honesty, transparency, integrity, smart trust, self motivation, quality & equanimity.

Excellent Guidance

Excellent Staff

Excellent Resources

Hospitality is a deep rooted concept in India which has been mentioned in our Vedas and Puranas “Athithi Devo Bhava”. Now it is a global concept. Hospitality and Tourism go hand in hand together. Tourism which has emerged as the largest global Industry is growing faster. India which is enriched with a diverse topography and rich cultural diversity has attracted about 2.65 million foreign tourists in addition to domestic tourists. Studies have indicated that by the year 2010 over 2.5 million jobs will be generated by the Tourism Industry. This indicates clearly that Hospitality and Tourism Industries have immense potential requirement and a bright future awaits for professionals of this Industry.