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IHM is ISO 9001:2000 certified institution from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation System) with its office based in Somerest, UK

The team of IHM is headed by highly qualified, professional& experienced members that include General Managers/Training Managers/Front office Managers/F&B Managers/Executive Chefs of various chain group hotels all over India & abroad presently working & ex-members
IHM is one of the best Hotel Management Chain Schools grooming the talents & providing best hospitality professionals in different hospitality sectors
IHM has created its own world of internationally accepted education systems, incorporating them into the everyday classroom.
IHM has the unique feature of providing quality hospitality education of international standards to suit both the national as well as international market. It has several programs including Degree/Advance Diploma/Diploma/Certificate from University/Accreditation Body.
The cornerstone of Institute of Hospitality Management programs is CBE (Competency – Based Education). CBE is an educational system which lays emphasizes on the specification, learning and demonstration of those competencies – skills and knowledge – that are central to a given career, activity or task.
Among the features that distinguish CBE are the identification of skills by industry and student evaluations based on performance of these skills.
Programme areas include HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, TOURISM, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND COMPUTER EDUCATION. In its commitment to providing life-long learning opportunities, the Institute offers relevant practical training to its students

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